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Urethane Sciences produces a variety of unique specialty additives that have been engineered with specific applications in mind.


Each specialty additive has been tested to meet well defined performance standards and help you attain key consumer benefits with your foam applications.


These specialty additives will enhance brand and product value while increasing overall material and product performance.

Urethane Sciences produces three distinct polyurethane gels that can be incorporated into your polyurethane foam materials to help give them the feel and look your merchandising plan desires. 

Each gel platform possesses a unique design and feel allowing you to create more diverse and unique product portfolios. 

Our gels come in a variety of colors and are easily added to your current foam production process at a variety of loading levels. 

Urethane Sciences has created three distinct polyurethane foam comfort formulation technology platforms, each with distinct comfort and support characteristics.

Each platform possesses proprietary chemistries that offer maximum performance with optimized comfort and support benefits. 

No matter what your application requires, Urethane Sciences has your solution.

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