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Spectrum viscoelastic memory foams possess some of lowest TG values with a broader range of firmness consistency. Our formulation addresses consumer comfort need with the highest level of consumer satisfaction. Spectrum provides enhanced consumer value and confidence while delivering consistent quality time and time again. 

spectrum dma.png
spectrum compr data.png
spectrum afd.png
TG    54˚F
TG    69˚F
      Air Flow  3.5 
      Air Flow  2.5
90% Compression   1.70
90% Compression   5.20

When it comes to relaxation, nothing is more important than total and complete comfort. SPECTRUM technology viscoelastic memory foams deliver higher consumer satisfaction rates as they are formulated to provide a more consistent feel. SPECTRUM will maintain its specified firmness at temperatures as low as 50°F and will not tear or fracture during extreme temperature fluctuations.   

Our open cell air flow design delivers increased compression shelf life and recovery. SPECTRUM technology viscoelastic foams are tested at 90% compression ratios to ensure your finished product achieves maximum commercial success. 


Innerzing high energy polyurethane foam creates the perfect solution to duplicate the feel and support of a premium pocketed coil unit. The super open-cell design offers enhanced breathability and recovery and can be produced in a variety of firmness’s to help you produce the ultimate HYBRID mattress. 

izing sfd.png
izing ball rebound.png
IZing afd.png
Queen 10" All Foam innerZing mattress weight - 85 lbs
Queen 10" Steel Pocket Coil Hybrid mattress weight - 101 lbs
15% Reduction in Weight

Traditional innerspring mattresses remain a staple in the mattress industry, with hybrid designs taking center stage. Finished product weight  of innerspring mattresses can be problematic and costly when complex manufacturing requirements and shipping costs are factored in. Our innerZing foam is the lightweight, lower cost alternative. This high energy, super air flow design mimics the feel and performance of a premium pocket coil spring unit, without the weight or manufacturing and shipping hassles.


Our unique specialized formulation allows you to build the ultimate hybrid mattress of tomorrow… today! With a variety of firmness options InnerZing can be your ultimate weapon at expanding your choice of comfort options with greater efficiency and reduced costs.    


Niofom addresses the need for a more natural solution to your comfort and support materials. Our proprietary blend of natural and sustainable ingredients produces a high-performance (viscoelastic) foam with 30% + bio-based content. Designed by Mother Nature, chemically engineered by Urethane Sciences. 

niofoam foam.png
niofoam bbd.png
niofoam afd.png
Air Flow  3.5
Air Flow  2.5

Natural chemical-free products are a growing consumer trend. Producing a chemical free viscoelastic foam is simply not possible. However manufacturing a high quality, high performance viscoelastic foam with more natural ingredients is possible. Introducing NIOFÖM a new revolutionary natural comfort material that addresses today’s market needs. Our exclusive formulation of naturally derived materials produces a truly one of a kind memory foam feel with the performance you have come to expect. 

NIOFÖM  matches up to the toughest industry and consumer standards while maintaining its exceptional natural comfort and support properties. If you are looking for a more natural solution to your comfort material needs, contact Urethane Sciences and let us show you how our NIOFÖM can help bolster your sales.   

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