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Product Development


Urethane Sciences provides one-stop product development service, with a diverse set of options. USci will develop ideas to your specifications or add a unique formulation for your product. Prototypes of your new product concepts will also be developed.  We have the capability to produce twin and queen size mattress and topper protypes.  Our display room provides the perfect setting to present your prototypes to existing and potential clients.


Want a product to perform in a particular way? We will develop ways to make it happen. We offer a problem-solving process partnership, combining UScis’ independent analysis with the focused research desired by the client. Our experts will provide full support for all questions or concerns regarding their findings.


Leveraging our history in the industry, we will unite your company with other businesses and entrepreneurs.  USci will partner with your team to ensure your product and company has the opportunity for lasting success.


  • Produce, cut, and assemble mattresses and toppers, up to queen size

  • Molded pillow systems

  • Provide applications to enhance comfort in current systems

  • Display full-scale market samples on-site in our display room


Identifying, protecting, managing and developing valuable intellectual property is the core element of success of any technology based organization.  At Urethane Sciences, we will assist with the development and implementation of strategy at all levels through:


  • Design process planning

  • Reducing risks of patent infringement in design reuse

  • Identifying inventive subject matter

  • Managing IP in research and design practices

  • Choosing a commercialization partner

  • Managing the risks of commercialization


Our Innovation Team has 50+ collective years of experience in polyurethane foam Research and Development.  We have developed many new products (both polyurethane raw materials and foam products) that are actively sold into the marketplace today.  We work with our commercial and product development team to identify trends in the marketplace and create new products of interest.


  • Provide never-before seen concepts to the polyurethane foam market 

  • Create unique chemistries and blends that provide value and performance to our clients 

  • Provide unique formulation solutions to achieve a specific end goal

  • Identify new chemicals in the marketplace and evaluate their value proposition

  • Generate new test methods that highlight specific areas of performance

  • Confirm performance of new concepts with objective and repeatable data



Urethane Sciences has a fully integrated Chemical Supply and Distribution Department with a robust supply chain for polyols, surfactants, additives, gels, and other chemicals used in the PU flexible and molded applications space.  Our primary emphasis is to bring cost reduction, supply chain excellence and best in class product quality and support to all our clients.  We accomplish this through partnerships and strong relationships with world class chemical manufacturers along with system house, accurate blending, and warehousing capabilities in key strategic locations. 


USci provides reliable emergency chemical supply response and natural disaster contingency planning from a key chemicals perspective to all our clients. Additionally, we offer excellent logistics, tanker truck, and freight carrier optimization, as well as transloading capabilities for all our commodity and specialty chemicals. We present a wealth of knowledge to ensure product selection and qualification is ideally adapted for each of our client’s manufacturing needs. Our team takes pride in timely order responsiveness and on time delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction.     

Chemical Supply & Distrbution
Market Analytics & Services


Urethane Sciences will assist your internal marketing team by functioning as an extension of your business.  We share extensive knowledge gained through our intensive industry involvement.


Our training helps sales representatives become more knowledgeable and efficient, allowing them to innovate and launch new products and services based on customer feedback. With our guidance, your company can explore new sales channels and better educate the consumer about your products and services. This results in opportunities to improve upon current offerings or create complementary products and services.


  • ​Applying survey interfaces such as IPSOS, Brado, and Survey Monkey to gather and analyze information

  • Research industry publications such as Furniture Today, HTT, Sleep Savvy, etc. to understand current industry and market trends

  • Membership in organizations including ISPA, CTAG, CertiPur, PFA ensuring understanding of and compliance with ever changing regulations

Technical Support


Urethane Sciences technical support team is available to troubleshoot and resolve real time production issues on site or remotely. We also provide an array of analytical and physical testing services on your current products or raw materials. Urethane Sciences provides independent and unbiased data, generated using our industry experience and technology advancements. We can determine physical properties of a product and test materials to ensure specifications are satisfied. 


Proper project management is critical to growth and market leadership. Working with limited resources can be challenging when striving to outshine the competition. USci’s project management leaders have experience in all aspects of production from new equipment and systems installations to complete plant construction. Our team will help drive your project to completion faster and under budget


As the world becomes more demanding from an environmental perspective, we have initiated the process to improve our carbon footprint. Urethane Sciences is leading the charge and developing new chemistries, raw materials and processes that support a GREEN world. Our GREEN services extend to health and safety, environmental regulations, permitting and beyond.


Assistance with manufacturing and the supply chain will allow your business to achieve the lowest cost. Throughout the process, supervision from our staff will confirm that the product is within the specifications and troubleshoot any problems that may arise. USci will also scrutinize your company’s existing products and suggest market valued modifications. 


​An important aspect of our services involves creating preventative maintenance (PM) programs to ensure your operations run optimally and profitably.

Urethane Education


Urethane Sciences’ extensive industry knowledge, as well as the education and hands on experience of our team, enables us to optimize the training experience for the student. Each training module is custom designed for the group of individuals in attendance, with a level of technical depth ranging from “Foam 101” to “an in-depth look into the molecular structure of foam”.  We are happy to host you at our facility or come to you.


Individuals ranging from sales executives, to foam production staff, to R&D professionals have all benefited considerably from our training.  All training sessions contain the basic core content, with specific information tailored to the business perspective of those in attendance. 

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