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XELORX high energy gel is the next generation in gel additives. This unique gel creates a whole new look and feel to your polyurethane foam material while offering enhanced performance benefits over traditional gel additives. 

green ball.png

XELORX  high energy gel has more than 5 times the ball rebound than traditional gel materials. XELORX enhances product value while springing new life, and new sales into your product offering. 

xelorx ball rebound 2.png

XELORX special blend design will create enhanced optic value and consumer appeal to previous gel infused memory foam designs. With XELORX you will experience increased material and product value with revitalized sales and profitability.


NIOGEL was created to better address the need for more naturally based comfort solutions. Manufactured with 100% bio-based ingredients, NIOGEL will help you produce a more sustainable, naturally produced product assortment. 

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NIOGEL allows you to infuse a little bit of Mother Nature into your polyurethane foam material. So if you’re a trying to increase bio-base content, look no further NIOGEL.

niogel ball rebound.png

NIOGEL will help you delivery a more eco-friendly solution to your gel infused memory foam material needs. Consumers continue to migrate toward more naturally made products and our NIOGEL 100% natural additive can deliver just that; a more naturally produced comfort product.


XELPUR takes purity to a new level. Other gels on the market use fillers that can negatively impact the performance of your polyurethane foam. XELPUR is 100% pure polyurethane gel material that fulfills your finished products application requirements.

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XELPUR is made with 100% pure polyurethane gel material and works better with your foam application. Better quality, better performance will help you produce better sales!

xelpur chart ball rebound.png

XELPUR is made with 100% pure polyurethane gel and is designed to increase product integrity and performance. XELPUR will improve product value for your selected sleep products and allow you to capture increased sales for your pillow, topper, and mattress collections. 

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